Stop over or under buying stock

Don’t rely on stock memory to keep your shelves full

The Replen Dashboard accurately tracks stock movement and behavior to help you keep a full inventory for your customers.

The First and most Efficient Amazon Arbitrage Restocking Software Designed for Amazon Sellers

Make Fast and Accurate Buying Decisions

Customize Replen Dashboard to Your Needs

Make Wise Replenishment Decisions

Don’t Let Confusion Stop You From Making Relevant Reports

Don’t Let Your Revenue Suffer Again

Stop Turning Customers Away with Your Empty Shelves

Make Timely Buying Decisions at a Glance

Save Up On Storage Fees with Just Enough Inventory on Stock

Amazon Arbitrage and Wholesale Seller Inventory Headaches SOLVED!

There are many things that can go wrong with Amazon Arbitrage and Wholesale Seller inventory

  • How much do I order?
  • When do I need to re-stock?
  • What is my competition doing?
  • Where is my pricing compared to my competition? 

These are the biggest questions Amazon sellers face on a daily basis. Answering them can be overwhelming. Getting down to the actual work can be frustrating. 

How would you like to do away with all of that? 

This is a powerful tool that can change the way you view your inventory and how to manage it efficiently. Not only will it point you in the right direction but it will also guide you as you go through the competition.

All Packages Include:

Replen Dashboard is your all-in-one tool for Amazon Arbitrage success. These are some of the features you will find:

Advanced Replenishment Stats

Sales Rank Data

OA Link Tracking

Competition Pricing Data

Insightful Account Dashboard

Email Support Access

Amazon Listing Link

ASIN Sales Data

Alerts for Competition Under Your Current Price

FBA Fees Data

Easily Upload Cost, Supplier Data and Download Reports as Needed

Profit Data

Picture of Each ASIN

"The Replen Dashboard has been a game changer for my business. I would manually go through listings/orders in Seller Central trying to aggregate the data in order to make informed buying decisions. The manual effort was overwhelming. Now, with the Replen Dashboard I can see at a glance what has sold and what I should replenish. Items are color coded if the Buy Box has changed in order to determine if the item is still profitable based on your metrics. The data can be filtered by columns, replens, supplier and more. I can’t imagine trying to monitor my inventory/buy list without the Replen Dashboard. Best investment for your business, in my opinion"
Judy L.

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