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We are the only restocking software to cater to arbitrage sellers

Replen Dashboard is a result of a collaboration between Karl Jacobi and Jimmy Smith, two veteran Amazon Sellers looking for a quick solution to their inventory management. They combined their reports management tools together and their experience with the platform. This resulted in a solution that was too good not to share with the rest of the world. 

They then approached Greg Flint to make their idea come to life. They all agreed that it had to be light, simple, and straightforward. 

The end result speaks for itself.

This is a revolutionary application that takes the guesswork out of restocking your inventory so you can focus on more important aspects of your business. The program is designed to provide a seamless experience with Amazon. All you have to do is input the data and let the program do its work.

In a nutshell, the Replen Dashboard uses historical data and gives you suggestions for proper replenishment of your stocks. 

It’s easy.

This would’ve been longer if it wasn’t.

Try it today!

Meet Your Replen Dashboard Partners

  • Jimmy Smith

    Arguably the face of Replen Dashboard thanks to his various appearances in podcasts and interviews helping Amazon sellers reach a higher level of success.

    Jimmy started selling on Amazon as a side hustle in 2015 outside of his regular work in insurance sales. He now has an arbitrage company with 14 employees generating sales of up to six figures per month.

    His book “Side Hustle to Full Time Income: From $0 to $100k per Month with Retail and Online Arbitrage” is a must-read for Amazon sellers new and old alike.

  • Karl Jacobi

    Is a US Army Combat Veteran who found success through selling products on Amazon. He also provides consultation services to help businesses and brands accelerate their growth.

    His “Can do” attitude, firm belief in the Law of Attraction, and ability to always think positively helps him overcome all challenges that comes his way.

    He also specializes in all things related to Amazon from quality assurance management, consultations, listings, and online sales. His contribution to Replen Dashboard is immeasurable thanks to his achievements on the Amazon platform.

  • Greg Flint

    Greg Flint has a 20 year tenure as a Senior IT leader in corporate IT and consulting. His expertise in software infrastructure and development is the reason why the Replen Dashboard is so smooth and efficient.

    Greg runs an IT consulting company that helps businesses reach their full potential. His deep technical expertise and business acumen has helped develop cost effective solutions for companies like State Farm Insurance, Allstate, Microsoft, Target, McAfee, and Intel to name a few.


Jimmy Smith’s Replen Course was the answer to prayer. Days and weeks later after accumulating inventory and listing on Amazon, I found I had a conglomeration of items. I would then have to weed through to find what I needed to order, how much profit did I actually make, how many to order etc etc.

Again, Jimmy Smith to the rescue with the Replen Dashboard. It has made such a significant difference to my business. I am a Single Mom/Care Giver, running multiple income streams and always looking for ways to save time. The Replen Dashboard has 100% given me back time. I listened to so many people talking about spreadsheets & google sheets and all that gave me was sleepy crossed eyes. Now I have engaging restocking software designed by the Replen Master himself, Jimmy Smith!

This software gave me the confidence that I could quickly see all the data I needed to make a smart, profitable shopping list of replens. I could never measure the impact of what this Amazing, life changing 1 piece of software has given to me. To know that rather I’m doing RA or OA I now have on one page a way to make quick smart buying decisions and I won’t be losing time or inventory. I will forever be grateful!

Thank You Jimmy Smith and all of your team!

Patricia S

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